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There’s no one left….

Is Sookie referring to the True Blood Fandom?

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True Blood Season 7: Graveyard Tease 

I can’t wait to get the shit over with. That way it doesn’t have to ruin my life anymore.

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Remember when True Blood was good?


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So I just saw a post about Alex/Eric apparently only being in season 7 as much as he was in season 1. So basically not at all. He was hardly in season 1. According to the post, if fans didn’t freak out like the way we did after season 6, he wouldn’t have been in it at all. I don’t know what to…

Yeah, that’ll work wonders for future DVD sales. TB boxsets will end up where DEA is today: In the bargain bin.

Not. gonna. happen. folks. Relax. HBO aren’t a bunch of amateur idiots. Alex/Eric is the undisputed fan favorite. THE  money maker. You can betcher savings they promised Alex anything/everything to ensure an Eric-rich final season. CH’s experience with treating Eric badly was enough of a trial balloon even the most incompetent boob could understand it.

as I’ve theorized and speculated oops I don’t believe he will be in the first three eps very much, if at all. ‘Visions’, flashbacks, maybe. Integral part of the plot? Not so much. This is the endgame of Bill Character’s ‘vision’ for the future, and his future doesn’t include spoil sports who are better looking than him and steal his limelight. Screeners, that typically get spoiled by people like scribninja, typically consist of 3 eps. After that, it’s ON baby.

I just sighed, so, so hard. 

Please, no one bet your savings on that shit up there. And Eric-rich final season? What? What on earth about the final season being a reset and “Bill’s story of redemption” makes you think it will be Eric-rich?

Does. Not. Compute. 

The over-analyzing of all things TB gets to be a little much at times. 

The problem here, as I see it, is that the Eric/Alex fandom exists in a vacuum. It only sees a huge Eric fanbase and refuses to believe that any other group of fans is as large. 

Guess what? Bill has a huge, devoted following. Alcide does too. Do I think they’re a little delusional for thinking those guys are better? Sure, but I’m an Eric fan. They think the same shit about us. 

A coworker of mine marathoned the show and came away from it thinking Bill was a badass, and Eric was a pussy. 

Believe it or not, Eric is not the be all and end all of the show. He’s the best part of it for many, but certainly not for all. The show is going in a very clear direction and that direction is aimed squarely at Bill. 

Considering that it’s the final season, and that Eric will have a storyline separate from what’s going on in Bon Temps, it makes perfect sense that he will have a lessened presence. 

To be clear, “in the season about as much as S1” does not mean that much or less, it means that he’ll be in it less than usual. Whether that means less time all together or less episodes remains to be seen. 

The only concession I make is that the information I received came when the writers were still planning. Could it have changed since then? Absolutely. I would happily welcome more Eric in the show. But it’s better to understand that it’s not likely and to be prepared. 

If you don’t want to believe me, that’s completely fine. I think my history at giving accurate information more than speaks for me. But please don’t act like you know anything about what I see or what I know. 

"The show is going in a very clear direction and that direction is aimed squarely at Bill. "

Yeah, it is. It’s aimed squarely at Bill being revealed as one of THE best villains in all of fiction, bar none. THAT I will concede.

"I think my history at giving accurate information more than speaks for me"

Indeed. Your history of spoiling screeners is well known.

"What on earth about the final season being a reset and “Bill’s story of redemption” makes you think…"

It makes me think they’ve either lost their minds or they’re lying. Take your pick.

Otherwise, just putting this here for future reference.

TB has always employed misinformation to redirect the attention of the audience. Why stop now?

I honestly can’t recall TB giving misinformation that big. I certainly recall fangirls misinterpreting the shit out of spoiler pics, casting calls, and trailers. But wtf do I know? I’m not really in deep in this fandom. 

As for my “history of spoiling screeners” …  You sound a little butthurt about it. If you don’t want to know spoilers, don’t read my posts. Lucky for you I can’t post them at all now, so I guess you win. 

I also seem to recall everyone thinking CH would be INSANE to end the series with Sookie paired with anyone but Eric. There were entire websites devoted to overanalyzing the shit out of the text of books that are meant to be light beach reads. Why overanalyze a campy show like TB to the point that you see things that aren’t there. There wasn’t anything in the previous season to suggest Eric being a big player in the final one. His character has been assassinated in text and film because people are stupid. 

Get over it. 

FFS this is the show where continuity doesn’t exist and a female writer thought it would be a great idea to have a regrowing hymen. 

For real people. Scribeninja is 100% accurate. Bill and Sookie are the end game and Eric will be in roughly half the episodes. It is what it is and you can over analyze the shit out of it, but the truth is the writers aren’t as clever as you. Do yourselves a favor and just not watch Season 7.

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All my respect to Luke Grimes (Vampire James) for leaving True Blood because he didn’t agree with the direction the writers intended for his character in Season 7. I’ll miss your…

The article said he initially took the role because he was going to work closely with DAW. It seems like that’s no longer true, so he bounced!

Alan Ball once described True blood as “popcorn for smart people”. I don’t think this is remotely accurate. I consider myself to be a fairly smart person and there are plenty of people on Tumblr who I think are highly intelligent and whose opinions I value. We all come to similar conclusions that the narrative we are given is nonsensical and portrays deeply problematic relationships that border on, if not blatantly, abusive. For example: Bill/Sookie, Jason/Violet, Bill/Jessica, Jason/Crystal, Alcide. I don’t see how any of this appeals to “smart people”.

True Blood is more like “Cheetos for dumb people”.

‘True Blood’ Season 7 Spoilers: Top Seven Spoilers Revealed - Entertainment & Stars

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When I read spoilers like: Bill and Sookie will probably have a happy ending I think what am I still doing here? How can I watch this final season and still enjoy it. Maybe it will be impossible :/

There is a possibility of a happy ending for Bill and Sookie.” This is still a very open question imo…

The fact that Bill/Sookie keeps getting mentioned over and over makes me hope that’s it all a red herring.  Why would they ruin ending?

Anyway, I’m routing for Sookie to get out of Bon Temps with some weird empowering music alá Independent women playing while Behl cries about his humanitah and falls on a stake. Alzzzide gets dragged away by the werebitches from last season after finding out his threesome resulted in a litter… 

LoL sounds good to me :D

Jesus Fuckin’ Christ, if only …
Those ‘spoilers’ make me wanna throw up …
'Little 4.' = we'll see Eric's naked ass as he will be fucking his 'French potential love interest', also known as, well let's not be prude, his lay …
'Little 5.' = Shit LaLa, how can you engage yourself with a vampire ? I don't know, sounds so OOC to me …
I don’t like this human/vampire pairing thing at all, mostly because humans can be easily glamoured (and so, as with Jason and Violet, we can’t really say if the human is consenting in the beginning, since we know that once a human gets to drink some V, he gets attracted to that very vampire), and what was interesting about Sookie AND vampires was the fact that she COULDN’T get glamoured, being a Fae ….

this is the best thing I read TB related in monthsss! hahahahha love this thank you

This is exactly why I won’t be tuning in. I honestly don’t think the Bill/Sookie thing is a red herring, more like a forewarning to the E/S shippers.

And I’m sorry, but it IS OOC for Laf to fall in love with a vampire. He’s not even over Jesus yet! The flashbacks sound dumb and pointless. Eric and a French woman, yawn…

I have nothing but contempt for this show, which is sad because there was a time that I LOVED this show.

My S7 ending will always be Sookie walking into Fangtasia wearing a white dress.

I have decided that a great many “Billusionals” are probably victims of domestic violence or in abusive relationships. I’ve decided not to argue against these women because they probably don’t know any better. To them a relationship like what Bill and Sookie have is normal and they genuinely don’t see any problems. I pity them and hope that one day they realize what a normal romantic relationship looks like.

Then I will move on from True Blood

I guess this Sylvie chick is going to stick around all season :/

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