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Congrats all of you Bill haters, you finally got what you all wanted.

That was a fucking awful ending and seriously, #fuckyoutrueblood

That’s all I have to say…


That was my first theory before the supposed spoilers from youtube…

No. I got what I wanted, which was a dead Bill Compton.

Not happy about much else, but at least Sookie didn’t give up who she is to kill Bill. Still think it was really shitty of him to make her be the one to kill him. As if she needs one more thing on her conscience.

A slow descent into hate watching: True Blood’s 10 worst subplots

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The links of the articles are from the TAP website.

This article is fun and they absolutely got the right subplots!


Here is another one of an interview of Stephen Moyer about Bill’s growth and how he had nothing to do with anything. They just had BB over for dinner to discuss this…

Why would the Paquins even think they needed to meet with Buckner to let him know they were okay with Sookie ending up with someone other than Bill? Seems like he’s admitting to having some influence over the scripts while simultaneously absolving himself from blame.

Tonight’s episode is going to be pure shit, so he’s trying to get on record by shifting blame.

I’ll be so fucking glad when True Blood is over. The show IS Bill Compton and I’m Sookie. Keeps abusing my emotions and lying to me, but I keep going back for more. Why can’t I just fly off with Eric and forget about this God foresaken show already.

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True Blood - 7.10 Thank you (Series finale)

Sneak peek

Wow, Sookie. You are not a mistake! She’s so beat down by everything, it’s hard to watch. :(((((

The fact that she even has that thought is sad. Eric always told her that her fairy side was special in a good way, while Bill beat her down literally and figuratively, calling her fairy side an abomination.

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Fragmented scenes - Timejump

This is probably after the time jump we’ve heard about. Sam returns to Bon Temps as a happily married man with his family for a visit. 

The Bellefleurs move into Bill’s mansion. I guess they are the closest human heirs to Bill’s property even if it might take some time to solve this matter, legally. Unless Bill transfers the property before he dies, even if that might be hard too, but I guess the writers have forgotten all about it before this happens. It might of course take place before the timejump and show Andy and Arlene visiting Bill before he dies, but the open doors and light makes it look as if it is after. 

Is it just me or does Arlene and Andy look like they’re wearing funeral clothes?

"I have lied to her, threatened her and almost raped her, and yet like a moth to a flame, she always returns to me. She can’t let go. I want to set her free."

He makes her sound like a pathetic Fangbanger.

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Ok, serious question, is there ANYONE in the fandom who even likes Bill a little bit?

Just the Billushional’s all twelve of them ;)

And people call me mean….reminds me of the anon hate I got a while…

Have fun teaching your kids that abuse=love.

Billusionals are some of the meanest people I’ve ever encountered online, so yeah. Not arguing anymore because Bill flat out admitted to all the horrible things he’s done to Sookie, so you’re welcome to continue your hero worship of a rapist. Good for you, buddy.

I can only hope she’s swimming in a pool of Bill.

I can only hope she’s swimming in a pool of Bill.

Can we talk about how the True Blood writers are romanticizing suicide?

"Heei,you seem to have an special dislike for bill actions on true blood,but a special dislike for the book he wrote,can you tell me why?"

Asked by Anonymous


Hi there!

Sure. You mean this book?


Well, sailing right past the fact that this book is ridiculous, from its supercilious photo to its misleading and parody-like title, the book is mind-boggling in an of itself. 

1. “And God Bled”? Really? Let’s start with the fact that Bill was never a god. Not even a small kind that cleans up after all the more important gods. He was a projection of Lilith, her tool on this plane of existence. He said so himself. Lilith said so. It’s canon. Then he goes and writes this and makes claims that are blatantly not true. This is the correct reaction to Bill’s claim in the book:


2. Then there’s the rest of it: In this book he freely tells that he committed at least one murder. AND NOTHING HAPPENS! He is not arrested, he is not charged … He writes a book! The hell kind of law is in operation in Louisiana? Why isn’t he in jail? And no, it doesn’t matter how bad a person Burrell was! Murder is still illegal.

3. And that, I suppose, is the crux of the matter: Bill gets away with everything. Literally with murder. With false claims. With abuse and torture. With any lie he’s ever told. Sure he is sometimes temporarily brought to task for it here and there, but everyone just forgives him! He has not paid for a single shitty thing he perpetrated. Not really.

He decided to join the sanguinistas. No, he wasn’t under the influence. Eric drank the same amount of Lilith’s blood initially, and he didn’t turn into a religious nut. Bill did. Bill chose to become the Tampon Monster. And on his way there, he chose to bomb the Tru Blood factories and start a war between vampires and humans, which, btw, also led to Hep-V epidemic. And which no one is taking him to task for! It’s extraordinary! He wrote a book about it! In which he blamed it all on Sarah Newlin (who is complacent, no doubt, but she was not the originator!). Yakuza is running around after her, but no one is nocking on Bill’s door! Not the human authorities, not the Japanese mob! What the…?

4. Oh, and what else he claimed in that book: that he was a vampire savior! Oh, man…. That he saved everyone from that Vamp Camp! Dude! He gave his blood to like 7 people — WHEN THEY ALREADY HAD THE DOOR OPEN AND COULD HAVE JUST WALKED OUT! And it wasn’t even his blood, per se, it was Lillith/Warlow combo. 

He ruminated for weeks instead of just going there and ripping the heads off of guards (something he had easily done at the governor’s mansion) and releasing everyone! He dilly-dallied until Eric went in and did all the hard work for him! And then he trailed in his footsteps, stepped on a face of an already dying man, and then sprawled down on the floor in a room like an Early Christian Martyr. 

He made a performance piece. And he took all the credit for the rescue (that didn’t belong to him) and none of the blame for what set the whole thing in motion and made rescues necessary in the first place (something he is directly responsible for!).

So this is why I find this book both ridiculous and insidious. 

Well fucking said. Brava.

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